Frequent Asked Questions


What are ENS Small Grants?

ENS Small Grants allow the community to vote on projects to receive funding, sponsored by the Public Goods and Ecosystem Working Groups.

What is eligible for Public Goods?

Projects eligible for the Public Goods small grants rounds have a broader scope that benefits the entire Ethereum or Web3 space.

Applicable projects should not be ENS-specific but may include ENS functionality. An example is ethers.js, a developer library that has utility throughout Web3, not only for those building with ENS.

What is eligible for Ecosystem?

Projects eligible for the Ecosystem small grants rounds are those that build on or improve the ENS Ecosystem.

Applicable projects are meaningfully building, creating content, or improving the ENS ecosystem. An example is, an ENS name-gifting tool that adds explicit functionality to the ENS ecosystem.

How It Works

Understanding the Voting Process

In Rounds 1 through 9, voters participated using ENS Governance Tokens where 1 $ENS token = 1 vote. In Round 10 and 11, voting was following a Voter Card system. See more in the Voter Card section below. In Round 12, we are getting back to ENS Governance Tokens voting, where 1 $ENS token = 1 vote

Are proposals submitted onchain?

No. The submissions are signed and stored in an offchain database, then later uploaded to Arweave. Voting takes place on Snapshot.

Are there other front ends to view or vote for small grants?

Yes. Head over to Snapshot.

When is the next round?

The intention of both the Ecosystem and Public Goods Working Groups is to run one round per quarter. The exact dates will be announced on


What if I submitted to the wrong round?

Please get in touch with gregskril.eth. Administrators can move your proposal before voting is submitted to snapshot.

Is there a proposal template?

There is no required template. We encourage creativity. Consider the use of markdown to craft a well-organized proposal. A short guide can be found here.

Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you can submit more than one project.

Can I submit the same project in multiple rounds?

Yes, you may submit the same project again in subsequent rounds, but not two rounds happening at the same time.

My submission was removed or relocated to a different Working Group Round.

Submissions may be removed if they do not fit eligibility, or relocated to their appropriate ‘Ecosystem’ or ‘Public Goods’ round. If you have concerns reach out to the respective Working Group stewards.

Find Out More

Where else can I participate?

Learn more about the Working Groups by visiting, and the ENS DAO Forum at

Is this website open source?


I’m having an issue. Who do I contact?

Please get in touch with gregskril.eth or any Working Group steward.