ENS Friday Night Happy Hour

Kickback and Relax

I would love for the ENS Friday Night Happy Hour to be considered for the grant. I have consistently hosted the space for 9 months. The space initially started as a popup space for fun, but the community demanded I continue to host every Friday. Therefore, I broken down to the demand and commitment myself to provide the community what they asked for.

The community was young at this time, only attracting about 15 people. The ENS FNHH at times boasts attendance between 100-200 on average (live + playbacks). Some may ask, “What does the space solve for?”. I answer that with, “It is a place where likeminded individual come together to reward themselves for the hard work put in each day to drive growth in the ENS community.”

This space has brought people together from all over the world, where boundaries are nonexistent. We work so hard teaching, educating, and onboarding people everyday of the week. The ENS FNHH is where people can be themselves, kickback and relax. Everyone brings a drink of their choice and we escape to ENS Island where only good vibes exist around our Virtual Bar. We have incorporated a Free giveaway for all new people who join the happy hour. Each new person receives a Lifetime ENS HAPPY HOUR TICKET NFT. This provides everyone access to any future irl and virtual events held by the ENS FRIDAY NIGHT HAPPY HOUR. Plus we have now incorporated other trivia and weekly prizes. I really hope that you can see the commitment and dedication we have to growing the ENS community.