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🔥ENS Updates🔥

Description: Provide a ENS grant to 5159.eth for the development and continuation of the 🔥ENS Updates🔥 Twitter Spaces.

Abstract: 5159.eth (@kevforking) organizes and hosts the 🔥ENS Updates🔥Twitter Spaces for the ENS community. 🔥ENS Updates🔥 began in April 2022, and has grown into a Twitter Spaces where the community gathers every weekday (M-F), from 11:00AM-12:30PM (EST), to join the host 5159.eth, co-hosts RN1.eth & Master.eth, and regular speakers from the ENS community. 🔥ENS Updates🔥 regularly has hundreds of listeners, sometimes reaches over 1,000 listeners, including existing ENS users, new ENS users, and potential ENS users. 🔥ENS Updates🔥 is a Public Good created by the community for the community with the goal of: 1) creating a place where the community can connect; 2) sharing ENS related news and updates; 3) providing education to the ENS community; and 4) onboarding new ENS users. In consideration of the work completed thus far and the Public Goods 🔥ENS Updates🔥 does on behalf of ENS and for the ENS community, per Article III of the ENS Constitution, 5159.eth respectfully requests a ENSgrants.xyz Round 1 grant from ENS DAO.

Twitter Analytics & On-boarding: -Over 150 spaces -Over 250 hours of spaces -Over 15,000 listeners

Ecosystem Activities: Organizing and hosting 🔥ENS Updates 🔥 on Twitter Spaces The host of 🔥ENS Updates🔥, the co-hosts, and regular speakers are passionate about ENS, and focused on supporting, building and growing the ENS community. In addition to organizing and hosting 🔥ENS Updates🔥 M-F, 5159.eth invites and highlights special guests which include Stewards of ENS DAO, and developers building on ENS. Growing & building the ENS community 5159.eth and 🔥ENS Updates🔥 often provides direct support and onboarding for new ENS users, and deepens the existing relationships between the ENS community. 🔥ENS Updates🔥 gives a platform to other ENS Twitter Spaces hosts to cross-promote their own ENS Twitter Spaces.

Education: 🔥ENS Updates🔥 provides ongoing education from the ENS community for the ENS community emphasizing the importance of .eth domains to the future of web3. 🔥ENS Updates🔥 provides the opportunity for new/potential ENS users to speak with the ENS community and ask questions that can be answered in real-time. Marketing, communications, and promotion of ENS 🔥ENS Updates🔥 will continue to engage in marketing and promotional activities in order to 1) increase ENS brand awareness; 2) increase the number of ENS builders; 3) increase the number of ENS registrations.

Where 🔥ENS Updates🔥 Has Been… To date 5159.eth has: Organized 🔥ENS Updates🔥 in April 2022, and developed it into a daily (M-F) Twitter Spaces & Public Good for the ENS community On-boarded ENS community members as regular co-hosts to the 🔥ENS Updates🔥Twitter Spaces On-boarded ENS community members regular speaks, some speakers have their own education segments like the “Weather Report” Provided a place where new/potential users can ask questions directly to the ENS community, have questions answered in real-time directly by the community, and share links to official ENS/ENS DAO documentation and websites On-boarded new users live during Twitter Spaces, including giving away FREE ENS name to listeners, for example ENSpunks.eth, a regular speaker, registered DJSeip.eth and on-board musician @djseip live during 🔥ENS Updates🔥, @DJSeip has a “Blue Checkmark”, ~25K Twitter followers and now rocks DJSeip.eth on his Twitter profile Invited and hosted special guests, such as ENS DAO Stewards, and connected them with the community for education and Q/A sessions Invited and hosted special guests, such as projects developing on ENS, examples include PCC.eth & TweakLabs.eth that currently offer ENS subdomains as part of their projects Secured a community sponsorship of 10,000 ❤ and ETH for gas from the LikeButton.eth project to distribute to contributors from the ENS community

Where 🔥ENS Updates🔥 Is Going… Moving forward 5159.eth will: Develop and grow the 🔥ENS Updates🔥 Twitter Spaces Build the ENS community On-board new ENS users Strengthen the relationships between the existing community of ENS users Provide education through interactive questions and “pin” links in the Twitter Spaces to official ENS/ENS DAO documentation and websites Integrate with & help build ENSspaces.eth for the benefit of the greater Twitter Spaces hosts and ENS community. Cross-promote and market other Twitter Spaces Hosts from the ENS community Do giveaways as budget permits. Invite special guests which include people from the ENS DAO to connect with the community directly and developers building projects on ENS And more to come!