A place to go for all your IRL events wants and needs. Be in the now!@!

Web3IRLevents.eth is a new platform that aims to become the go-to place for all your in-real-life (IRL) events wants and needs in the Web3 ecosystem. As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow, so does the number of IRL events such as conferences, meetups, and workshops. However, finding these events and keeping track of them can be a challenge, especially when they are scattered across different platforms.

Web3IRLevents.eth proposes to solve this problem by creating a decentralized platform that aggregates all the IRL events in the Web3 ecosystem in one place. Using the power of ENS, users can easily find and keep track of the events they are interested in, without having to scour multiple platforms for information.

Our platform will allow event organizers to easily create and promote their events to a broader audience, while attendees will have a centralized hub to find and register for events. We will also provide a calendar feature that can be synced with personal calendars, making it easy for users to keep track of upcoming events.

To make this a reality, we are proposing to use the grant funds to build the platform, integrate it with ENS, and conduct outreach and marketing efforts to increase adoption. We will also conduct ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the platform remains functional and user-friendly.

Web3IRLevents.eth will provide a much-needed solution to the problem of finding and keeping track of IRL events in the Web3 ecosystem. We believe that this platform will help to foster a more connected and engaged community, and we hope to receive your support to make this a reality. Thank you for considering our proposal.