Connecting Creators & Devs with All Build No BS

Join the Premier Space for Artists, Developers, Investors, and Operators

All Build No BS is a community-driven platform that brings together creators from all backgrounds, including artists, developers, investors, and operators, to collaborate and build something great. Our platform is designed to help members network, share knowledge, and collaborate with others who share their passion and drive for success.

We believe that by connecting creators and developers, we can unlock the potential of innovation and creativity. Our platform will provide a range of tools and resources, including forums, meetups, and networking events, to help members connect and collaborate with others who share their goals.

To support our mission of empowering creators and building stronger communities, we are requesting a grant from the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) DAO. The grant funding will be used to cover the costs of marketing and outreach efforts to bring more creators into our community.

We believe that All Build No BS has the potential to become a premiere space for creators who are tunnel-visioned on their goals, looking to collaborate and desiring to build something great. We hope that the ENS DAO will support our efforts to create a stronger and more vibrant community of creators.