ENS Transaction Verifier & Phone book

Verify ENS recipients before making a transaction. Save known ENS contacts in a phone book.

ENS and blockchain domains in general, solve a huge problem in the push for Crypto adoption. However, ENS domains live in a 24 hour liquid market. At any moment, the ownership of the name may change hands, expire, change the token resolved address, list the name on a marketplace, and so on.

Because of this, there is no guarantee that a transaction you make to Bob.eth, is the same recipient as the one you transacted with 2 days before.

My platform solves this problem, by performing a set of quality gates and showing the user whether or not the transaction they are about to make, should be double checked or reviewed.

My platform additionally will incorporate a contact list feature, where users can save ENS recipients. This allows users to fully utilize ENS as a payment system, with security checks, a payment feed, and a contact list.