ENS Subdomain Directory

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We will create a directory for users to lookup their NFTs under the tweak.eth subdomain.

The Tweak ecosystem was one of the first projects in the NFT space to allow for users to claim subdomains attached directly to their NFT. We built a custom contract called ENSMapper (tweaklabs.xyz/asylum/ens) that enables subdomains under tweak.eth to be claimed for free. Owners of the Twisted Tweak project (https://opensea.io/collection/twistedtweaks) can currently attach their subdomain of choice to one of their Twisted Tweaks, further growing both the Tweak ecosystem and IP, as well as ENS subdomain capabilities.

As of right now, users can only claim and reset their subdomains that are attached to their NFTs. We would use the grant funding to build a directory on our website that allows users to actually view which subdomains are tied to which NFTs. The long term goal of this directory would be to enable other projects to both set up subdomain claiming for their NFT holders, as well as have a boilerplate template for creating a directory that lives natively on their website. Additionally, we would use the funding to reconfigure the metadata so that the ENS Subdomain actually shows up on the NFTs metadata in real time.