ENS DAO Global Colombia 🇨🇴

We believe in the power of education and community, is why we aim to maximize the potential of ENS.



Colombia.ensdaoglobal.eth aims to organize IRL events led by the local community in different regions of Colombia to include a more significant number of developers in the ENS community. These spaces are essential in helping with education and new members' incorporation into ENS.

We intend to organize workshops to maximize the potential of ENS. The events can be held in different languages and locations in Colombia to show the practical uses of ENS.


To achieve this, we seek to identify and empower relationships that can facilitate this exchange to motivate the community to create an ecosystem around ENS by promoting applications and services based on ENS. By supporting these initiatives, we can promote growth, share knowledge, discuss problems, and create valuable tools.

Past Events

With this purpose, we organized the "Cartagena Crypto Meet-up #1", On December 28th, the first meet-up in Cartagena, Colombia, organized by part of the team of ensdaoglobal.eth. The topics revolved around how the ENS protocol works and how it is used for decentralized applications to create a conducive environment for community members and developers to interact, generate innovative ideas, and establish relationships that can lead to creating projects aligned with ENS.