ENS subdomain-based organization management tool


Mission & Vision

We are buiding an ENS subdomain-based organization management tool, as we believe ENS subdomain is a safer, cheaper, more intuitive, and more interoperoble solution when it comes to DAO and web3 organization management.

Our vision is to build a better readability, better structured, safer blockchain world through ENS domains and subdomains.

Why matters to ENS?

Org3 aims to push the frontier of ENS subdomains adoptions in many organizations and communities. We are planning to integrate use cases including payroll, communication (ENS email), access control, file sharing, and more.

Key Features Delivered

  • Allow domain owner to create subdomain mint rules
  • Allow other people satifying the rules to mint subnames


Internally Live at:


Org3.eth is one of the 13 Finalists and also the grand prize winner of ENS in ETH San Francisco (ETHSF). The ultimate goal is to build the infrastructure and functionalities that standardize the DAO governance and web3 organization management through the ENS subdomains system in a decentralized and fair nature. Currently, Org3 has developed an ENS subdomain-based access control system with IPFS, Graph protocol, which is more advanced than the tokens-gated access control because 1. the subdomain represents an intuitive tree structure; 2. decoupling of on-chain address (note: this can also be smart contract) and resource access control; 3. lower cost thanks to the ENS smart contract.


First, there are rising and urgent needs for DAO and web3 organization management. The systematic risk of not having serious decentralized, web3 organization management has shown the world very drastic financial loss, including 3AC, FTX, and more, and many DAOs, such as Panda DAO, suffering governance chaos has led to its ultimate dissolution. Building Org3, with collaboration with other DAO tools and organization platforms, we can standardize a way to help the blockchain communities to better govern and operate so that we can lead to a brighter future with reduced risk. Secondly, we can push wider adoption of ENS subdomains at the organizations and communities level because it will provide many use cases in the future including payroll, communication (ENS email), access control, and more.


Dec 2022

  • Gather feedback of features needs and set up features priorities in Q1 2023. At least gather feedback from 10 ppl in DAO governance.
  • Better UI/UX and frontend, for instance: Batch edit/create for domain owner; Hide unassigned subname

Q1 2023

  • Internally go live and improve features based on what people need
  • Better UI/UX design and frontend implementation to satiate larger database
  • Backend/feature update for ENS namewrapper
  • Integration with ideally 5+ platform/protocol


Org3 November presentation at ETHSF: