Simple File sharing to any ENS or ETH Wallet

ENS Doc - Share Doc to ENS domains/wallets simply and securely

This is Julie, ENS builder grant recipient in Q4 2022. I recently have built ENS Doc (https://doc3.me), a user friendly doc sharing app powered by ENS + IPFS + AES Encryption.

Forum Reference: https://discuss.ens.domains/t/ens-doc-safe-way-of-document-sharing-to-any-eth-wallet/16105

Simple Product Experiences:

  1. Go to https://doc3.me
  2. Connect Wallet (just connect, no sign up)
  3. Upload a file you want to share
  4. Type in the wallet holders you want to share this file to (Support ENS name and wallet addresses)
  5. Get the randomized link that looks like https://doc3.me/random123abc
  6. Share that link!

Project Updates


  1. Now subdomains rules for doc sharing, e.g. share to *.org3.eth (Every address that is a resolved address of any subdomain of org3.eth will be able to access it)
  2. Update UIUX to 'Simple' file sharing rather than 'secure' file sharing as pointed out by @trmidpoint that there are still different way to hack this.

What's Next?

  1. Better security (signing thru metamask when try to access file)
  2. Have a table view to manage files that one shares.
  3. Possible integration with other DApp to help them streamline their file sharing process.


When using google doc, I started wondering how to share this file with other ENS stewards in a secure and convenient way (now I'm just making this docs' link public). Most of time we don't know each web3 fellow's email address, and existing solutions like skiff are quite heavy, users need to sign up, create an account or an organization, etc. We lack a simple solution that users can just directly share the file by typing the right addresses/ENS name and share by a click.

What's cool about it

  1. Simple: No need for sign up, simple three steps: upload file, type who to share, generate the link
  2. Security: After adding AES encryption & better API call structures, people without file access cannot intercept the real IPFS location that file is saved at. (Note: you still need to trust this services as there is a backend that saved the meta data of the permission and the real IPFS location.)


If you have any feedback/questions, feel free to comment here or DM me on twitter (@julieshi_eth)/discord


@gregskril @64bits.eth for frontend & safety advice, @serenae for dev advice on discord. @slobo.eth @alisha.eth @jefflau.eth @Coltron.eth @zadok7.eth @ for feedback. Huge thanks to twitter:@trmidpoint for security feedback!