Heaven's Tools

ENS TOOLS / TEMPLATES / GUIDES FOR WEB3 Web Development to deploy to IPFS without coding experience

Heavens Tools - Created by: satoshi.testaccount.eth (https://twitter.com/DylanMeador) is an on-going grass roots community project designed to equip ENS BUILDERS with TOOLS / TEMPLATES / & GUIDES SPECIFIC FOR WEB3 Web Development to deploy to IPFS without coding experience at the lowest costs possible but with security, speed, dependability, and immutability for all those who take the time to learn, and create with the tools they've been given. One of the most interesting and powerful features of ENS names is the ability to point them to webpages hosted on the decentralized web, creating a website where both the hosting and the domain name is entirely decentralized.

I've created Heavens Tools to create the first hands on tutorials to show you how to build your own webpage without any coding knowledge, deploy your basic website to IPFS and point your ENS name to it. ENS supports several decentralized protocols apart from IPFS, but currently this tutorial only covers IPFS (for now). By funding Heavens Tools, this allows for more advanced tutorials to be developed, achieve larger IPFS storage to host mode data for deployed projects through the Heavens Tools website, allow for development of new templates with more elements and begin integration of Shopify templates to Heavens Tools to be redeveloped using Web3 style templates and then have tutorials showing how to use the created site on Shopify, and integrate Sign in with Ethereum to allow for token gated crypto native storefronts which can be linked + redirected from the .eth address as well. Thank you for considering Heavens Tools for your web3 & ENS decentralized web development needs. - satoshi.testaccount.eth / Dylan

Official documentation / how-to outlined here: https://support.ens.domains/docs/howto/decentralized_website/