Building & Onboarding to Web3 | Leveraging ENS

Building decentralized websites | Onboarding Web2 to Web3 | Education | Leverage ENS utility

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My focus in the ENS and Web3 space is on educating the Web3-minded and onboarding people outside of Web3 to the benefits and potential of Web3 and ENS domains.

I’ll achieve these goals by:

Transitioning established Web2 communities into ENS subdomain communities.
Building and empowering people with content ownership powered by Web3 and ENS subdomains.
Continuing to educate Web3 and Web2 individuals on ENS and Web3.
Exploring and building in the various metaverses with ENS domains.
Parking and building on primary ENS domain names, including information on the benefits of Web3 and ENS domains.

Currently, I'm partnered with a Web2 influencer/educator and transitioning his brands and following into Web3. This will enrich their community with different types of subdomain content gating, DAOs, and subdomain wearables for the metaverses.

I'll continue to educate myself on Web3 and ENS and develop my skills in these areas whilst helping out in the community when I can :)

I appreciate you reading my proposal and would love your vote. It will help fuel the πŸš€ needed.

Your support will help me continue building in the ENS and cover expenses such as IPFS dedicated gateway, Fleek pro, ENS records, marketing material creation, content creation subscriptions, outsourced support, etc.

Let’s enrich lives, build, and demonstrate the real-world applications and advantages of this technology.

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