0z.is|Redirects to URL Registered with ENS

Just type in "https://0z.is/ENS" and it will magically redirect you to your own site!


There is no registration to use this service. Just type in the URL. You can do it too!

It's a pain to copy and paste social networking links whenever someone asks you a question, and you have to answer. We solved that problem with ENS.

Just set the social networking link once in the text record field of your ENS and skip it for life. Now all you have to do is type in "https://0z.is/ENS" every time! Not only that, if you type Twitter after the ENS, it will redirect you to Twitter!


What's Next:

I'm going to develop a feature where you can type in your Twitter ID, and it will reverse look up the ENS text record to find out your ENS!

You can follow along with these updates on GitHub and Twitter.