Effortlessly create web3Site for ENS domain on the decentralised web using our no-code builder.

Users can effortlessly build professional-grade web3sites, seamlessly link them to ENS domains, and easily upload them to decentralized storage platforms such as IPFS or Arweave, guaranteeing the safety, security, and accessibility of their content from anywhere in the world.

Why did we pick this idea?

I wanted to have a decentralised website for my ENS domain. but it took a lot of research and understanding of IPFS, CID, and ENS Content Hash to make it live (https://hidayath.eth.limo). I recognized that the process is very challenging for non-technical people and saw an opportunity to create a solution. So, I started developing a product that simplifies the design, build, and publishing process of web3sites for ENS domains.

How founding will help us?

Funding in 1w3 enables the development of advanced features, larger IPFS and Arweave storage to host data for web3 sites, and the creation of new web3 templates with enhanced elements tailored to the needs of both individuals and businesses. Our short-term objective is to launch sophisticated Link templates (similar to Linktree), which will enable community members to showcase their links on their ENS domains. This will provide an easy and efficient way for individuals to share their online presence while maintaining control over their digital identity. By supporting 1w3, we can facilitate the growth and success of the decentralized web and empower users to own their data and online identity.