50 Restaurant Equipment Page On The Blockchain

I am gonna do this regardless of the grant.

I have been very scrappy and used my own resources and time AKA SWEAT EQUITY towards my restaurant equipment website


Sometimes it has been a joy and other times frustrating.

I honestly would not want it any other way. You need to get your hands dirty. Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes and just do the damn thing.

I would like to get a grant to build out about 50 and maybe 100 restaurant equipment pages with unique/original content on the Ethereum blockchain.

I am doing it regardless of the grant, but a little ETH would definitely help towards updating content records.

Everything will be documented daily on my twitter feed https://twitter.com/iCollectDigital with the hash tag #ENS and @ENS_DAO @ensdomains

Hopefully other businesses will follow my lead or blaze their own trail with creating websites on Ethereum blockchain.