Hexcolor club - showcase ownership in ENS CLUBS!

Own your favourite color powered by @ensdomains

As the sun set over Bogota, the bustling city slowed down, and the streets filled with people seeking out their favorite bars and restaurants. Amidst this crowd were Jonathan, a young software engineer who had just finished a grueling hackathon at ETH Bogota, a hectic conference at Devcon, and the first-ever Arbitrum hackathon. Exhausted, he craved a drink and a moment to unwind with his fellow teammates. Ideas and creativity were still bubbling and the bar was adorned with colorful decor.

Even after shipping 2 hackathon products, we couldn't help to be amazed by the queue for ENS x POAP x IYK cards and the great gamification: we wanted to build more! We fell in love with the different clubs gathered all over the ENS ecosystem, 1k+10k+emojis and we discussed identity, creating memories, and ownership. After a couple of more cold ones, we relived a scenario discussing our designs at the hack and the importance of #colors. There's a natural scarcity, many of them have interesting names like "macaroni and cheese" or efb435.eth as we call it.

Don't drink and register domains you might say, but we're risk-takers. Said and done, we registered a couple, looked for ones with funny names and the next day we started building. introducing https://hexcolor.club/ own your favorite color.. as an ENS!

-list the color ens you have in your wallet. -if a color is taken list the owner's other colors too. -import the most popular colors from ccs/wikipedia/xdcd survey. -the randomize function has a 20% of finding a "rare" to make it a bit more fun. -list the latest color ens being sold. -dynamic images for each page that can be shared on Twitter. -be able to upvote a color (no limit, kinda like medium). -showcase if the color is a popular brand color.

Build together with love from Matos DAO, and we believe this could be an initiative for a template like showcasing site of any ENS clubs to easily visualize ownership amongst the club and bring in useful API:s for referencing as we did with brand/names etc.