ENS integration of Matters Social Network

100k+ users can now use ENS as personal website with 1 click

Why do we do this?

Matters.News is a social application using Ethereum addresses as user IDs and IPFS as content IDs. The over 100k+ content creators on Matters are mostly journalists, novelists, or bloggers using Chinese, with the need for an independent and censorship-resilient personal website. ENS, especially ERC-1577 which defines how IPFS/IPNS gets recorded in ENS, is a perfect fit.

How did we do this?

Each user on Matters has a corresponding IPNS, pointing to a directory of HTML files containing all the content published by this user. If a user has an ENS domain, it is shown on her personal page, and with one click she can set this IPNS hash as the content hash of her ENS domain. The user can now user her ENS as her personal website which is decentralized-hosted and censorship-resilient. UI for setting ENS content hash

Some examples: