Directory of ENS Domains and Wallets

User-friendly view of the personality behind ENS domains & wallets

Tillies is a platform that provides a user-friendly view of the personality behind ENS domains & wallets and helps individuals display themselves in a web3 manner.

It features 5 key components:

  • Socials & info - an aggregated hub for all socials associated with a given ENS domain & wallet and set manually.
  • Collecting text records preset at ENS (socials, URLs, descriptions, keywords, etc.), organizing them;
  • On-chain Passions & Skills - a way to showcase individual passions & skills and connect with like-minded people within your web3 communities;
  • Human-readable Wallet Activity - a human-readable representation of web3 activity separated in 5 categories: Collectibles, Social, Transactions, DeFi & Governance;
  • NFTs & Tokens Overlap - a tool for discovering overlaps and common interests in NFTs & tokens between.

Picture this: when you open Tillies, you're transported from a world of impersonal wallets to a vibrant world of users who are more than just addresses. As you scroll through the different web3 communities you're a part of, you can easily find others who share your interests, whether it's snowboarding, BAYC, Optimism network or simply enjoying a walk along the promenade in the same city. With Tillies, you can get in touch with them on various web2 or web3 socials, view their web3 activity in a user-friendly format, and discover overlaps in web3 assets.

Finally, you will be able to build meaningful relationships in the space, customize and display your identity in a web3 manner & create cross-web3 community Clubs based on your shared passions and interests.

Our mission: Empower individuals to build meaningful connections and foster communities within the web3 space.

Our vision: Build a space where web3 people can easily connect, share, discover, and communicate with each other.

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