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The use of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) in the project may not be strictly necessary for the functionality of the service itself. However, ENS can provide several benefits that may be relevant to the project, such as:

1.) Easy-to-remember domain names: By using ENS, SkyGuard DAO can register a human-readable and memorable domain name for their service. This makes it easier for users to access the service and can improve the overall user experience.

2.) Decentralization: ENS is a decentralized domain name system that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the domain names registered using ENS are not controlled by any central authority and cannot be censored or taken down. This can be beneficial for a service like SkyGuard DAO, which relies on the availability of information and data.

3.) Integration with blockchain: ENS can be used to associate Ethereum addresses with domain names, which can be useful for blockchain-based applications like SkyGuard DAO. By using ENS, SkyGuard DAO can store important information and data on the blockchain and ensure its integrity and immutability.

Our practices:

We are changing the name to SkyGuard DAO.