Web3 Goals

A social space that motivates to achieve!

Problem to be solved

People often set ambitious goals for themselves, but over time their motivation decreases. For this reason, they get frustrated and stop going toward their dreams.

Because of this huge problem, our world is losing a lot of great ideas and projects that could make us all better.


Web3 Goals is a space that uses the power of web3 to give any person extra social and financial motivation to achieve their own goals.

It's not just an app. It is a space that is being created to help all of us become better developers, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, people.

We hope the following features help fulfill the mission:

  • Soulbound tokens that will motivate you to be more responsible about own goals.
  • Set a goal and stake funds on it, that will only come back if you succeed.
  • Sharing the stake between the people who started watching the goal and trying to motivate the author.
  • Goals that can be verified on-chain or off-chain.
  • Group marathons where people want to achieve the same goal.
  • Journal to record steps towards the goal.
  • AI that helps set goals and achieve them.
  • Private goals with friends.
  • And a lot more...