ETH Denver

Spread knowledge about web3 and the benefits that come with owning your personnel identity.

Dear DAO,

I am writing to propose a public goods grant that would support my efforts to promote Web3 technology at the upcoming ETH Denver conference. As a passionate Web3 user and advocate, I am excited to be attending this event and to have the opportunity to spread the word about this important tool for the Ethereum ecosystem. Specifically, I plan to use my time at ETH Denver to engage with attendees through live Twitter spaces and giveaways, as well as through educational sessions aimed at raising awareness about Web3 and its many benefits. Additionally, I will be actively onboarding new users, helping them to integrate their businesses and other online platforms. One of the most exciting aspects of my trip to ETH Denver is that I have secured a speaking space for January Walker, a prominent advocate for Web3 and blockchain voting who recently ran for US Congress. With her help, I am confident that we can reach a wider audience and make an even greater impact in promoting Web3 and its potential for the future of decentralized technology. While I am fully committed to these efforts, I am also writing to request any possible assistance that the DAO might be able to offer in the form of funding. As a grassroots effort, my attendance at ETH Denver has come out of my own pocket, and I would be incredibly grateful for any support that could help me to cover my costs and to maximize the impact of my outreach efforts. By supporting my proposal, the DAO will be investing in a vital community resource that has the potential to make a real difference in the adoption and integration of Web3 into the larger Ethereum ecosystem. With your help, we can raise awareness, onboard new users, and foster a more vibrant and engaged community that is passionate about the future of decentralized technology. Thank you for your consideration and your ongoing support of our movement in the Web3 space.

Sincerely, Triga.eth.