Geo Web

Augmented, shared reality

The Geo Web is an open geospatial information network. On the network, geospatial publishing rights are administered through a global land registry based on partial common ownership/Harberger taxes.

The Harberger market helps ensure productive allocation of land and creates a flywheel of public goods funding. With it, we can bootstrap legitimacy and public consensus for browsing digital media (3D art, games, NFTs, data streams, etc.) anchored to physical locations. Using device geolocation as the primary discovery mechanism for content offers a novel, decentralized application model alternative to app stores and ad-driven algorithms.

Whenever and however we transition to the next computing paradigm (AR/VR, "The Metaverse"), we want public, permissionless internet infrastructure at its core. The Geo Web is open source and exclusively focused on maximizing its positive public impact. 100% of revenue from the Geo Web land market will always be allocated to public goods and creating permissionless market opportunities. Grant support like this helps us keep doing what we're doing.

Even if you think this proposal isn't a fit, we invite you to claim land and participate in our grand regen experiment at on the Optimism network.