Guatemala's first Ethereum conference

We'd love to have ENS support the public good of Guatemala's very first Ethereum conference! 🇬🇹

ENS Joins Guatemala's very first Ethereum conference

Hi there, Marcus here from Ethereum Guatemala. I'm sharing Ethereum Guatemala's proposal to count on the support of the ENS DAO for the country's first Ethereum conference :)


Ethereum Guatemala, Guatemala’s first Ethereum community is hosting its very first event on March 11th, and we would love to haveENS join us as sponsors for this momentous event for free for the Ethereum Guatemala community!

Below, you will find a presentation we have put together for the ENS community…



To date, we have had over 150 people signed up to our event through Eventbrite. From creators, academics, entrepreneurs, builders, developers, students, investors, entrepreneurs, and more - this will be a diverse moment of gathering for key leaders across the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond throughout Mesoamerica.



Ethereum Guatemala is a community formed by different members of the web3 ecosystem in the country that intends to collaborate and push its growth through different initiatives. Within Ethereum Guatemala there are projects such as: research with the Ethereum Foundation to bring access to credit in a decentralized way, digital art projects or NFTs that have been recognized globally, DeFi projects, research and use of blockchain in biology, among others. We believe that show-casing ENS will be an incredible example to demonstrate the power of the decentralized movements and the opportunities that exist for the ecosystem throughout Guatemala and countries like ours.

ENS will be presented as a sponsor of the event, we will present the ENS ideology and in particular the community of ENS that has been cultivated during those months. The 150 participants of the event will have the opportunity to connect with the ENS community. In addition, we will be creating content and we will be presenting ENS as sponsors of the event in our networks and with the press in Guatemala.

The main objective of this community is to invite everyone to be part of it in order to contribute and connect with all local and international members seeking to develop projects of great impact in the country and position Guatemala in the eyes of the world, together with the support from ENS.

The event will feature keynote talks with national and international guests, workshops, conversations, and panels with experts from different fields of crypto. Below, you will find the lite version of our agenda for the event:



Our team is stellar with a diverse set of logistical, technical, and organizational capabilities, including expertise in blockchain technology and event planning, access to appropriate venues and equipment, and a network of contacts and partners.



Our guests and sponsors of national and international recognition who are already building and leading blockchain projects that are supporting the economic, technological and social development of their communities.

Ethereum Guatemala is a relevant milestone for the growth of the ecosystem in Guatemala and for all businessmen, organizations, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, government and other pillars of our society.

Any questions about our proposal, you can join the telegram ( and also find the relevant links in our linktree ( :-)

Look forward to hearing from you, ENS frens!