UNIX-like commands for interacting with the smart contracts, enabling complex transaction scripting.

EVMcrispr is a tool that simplifies interacting with smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains. It allows users to send transactions using intuitive, UNIX-like commands, making it easier to write complete scripts that encode complex transactions. This comprehensive tool can be used to improve almost all day-to-day blockchain operations, such as:

  • Creating more efficient DAO votes.
  • Launching DAOs and managing their configuration.
  • Performing DeFi strategies.
  • Running simulations on drafted on-chain actions.
  • Creating, sending and managing tokens.

In this example you can see how EVMcrispr can be used to extend an ENS domain for 1 year:

set $ethRegistrar 0x283Af0B28c62C092C9727F1Ee09c02CA627EB7F5
set $name ensgrants
set $duration 1y
set $cost @get($ethRegistrar,"rentPrice(string,uint256):(uint256)",$name,$duration)
exec $ethRegistrar renew(string,uint) $name $duration --value $cost

The script can be run from evmcrispr.com and executed using the injected wallet.