“Like Button” for web3


LikeButton.eth is a decentralized “Like Button” for web3 created by fractionalizing LikeButton.eth into $❤️ tokens.


•The First $❤️ was sent to Nick.eth on May 24, 2022 •50% Airdropped to ENS DAO community treasury •40% Airdropped to ENS DAO Working Groups •5% Airdropped to Maintainer.eth •5% Kept by ENSpunks.eth •2 Chains: Ethereum Mainnet & Polygon

Public Goods Activities

•$❤️ puts smiles on faces and putting smiles on faces is a public good •By definition social media tools for web3, such as a web3 “Like Button”, should be decentralized and a public good

What ❤️LikeButton.eth❤️ Has Done to Date…

✅ Fractionalized LikeButton.eth into 1B $❤️ tokens ✅ Created a Twitter Account/Twitter Bot @ENSLikeButton (needs to be relaunched) ✅ Sponsored multiple ENS community members and hosts of Twitter Spaces with 10,000❤️ & ETH for gas ✅ Set ENS content record to redirect LikeButton.eth.limo to a multi-wallet batch transfer tool built by Moonshot Collective funded by the GitCoin community ✅ Mapped $❤️ onto an L2 (Polygon) and bridged a small amount of $❤️ to begin experimenting with low cost transfers of $❤️ ✅ Wolfram.eth built a Google Chrome Extension for LikeButton.eth ✅ $❤️ balances integrated into .photos by Sean Murray (3531.eth). Ex.: nick.eth.photos

Hopes for the Future of ❤️LikeButton.eth❤️…

❤️ Developing, growing & maintaining ❤️LikeButton.eth❤️. ❤️ Relaunching the LikeButton.eth Twitter bot ❤️ Development of the LikeButton.eth.limo website to subdomains automatically map to registered ENS names and automatically generate websites that display $❤️ analytics for the ENS user. ❤️ R&D for potential airdrops from the 90% of $❤️ held by the ENS DAO to the ENS community. ❤️ And more to come!

ENSgrants.xyz Public Goods Grant

❤️Wallet for ENA DAO grant funding: LikeButton.eth

❤️LikeButton.eth Twitter: @ENSLikeButton