Built Different DAO

Helping build a shared community around Web3 and a more open and decentralized internet in Africa.

We are building a community dedicated to helping onboard Africans on to the blockchain and realize new opportunities in Web3. As Africans in Web3 we always hear people talk about the potential web3 has to increase opportunity and inclusion on the continent but we found that the wasn't much activity on the ground so we decided to take it on as a challenge and started Built Different. We host monthly IRL events where we meet, connect and discuss all the amazing people, technology and potential in the space.

We started in October of 2022 and we have already hosted 6 events, in two countries (i.e. Harare, Zimbabwe and Kigali, Rwanda) and we are working on getting into more countries. We are focused on making our community as diverse, inclusive and as accessible to the average African as possible.

We also have a growing online presence to help us keep the community engaged.