Discourse plugin to display proposals as banner

Plugin displays snapshot/ on-chain proposals on the forum home page to improve voting participation


The Governance process in most DAOs is a multi step process where ideas/proposals are discussed on the forum and once there is agreement, it moves to Snapshot for voting and potentially to on-chain voting if required. When the proposals go for vote, DAO shares links to proposals on relevant forum thread, Twitter, Discord and other channels.

One of the challenges is there is no good way to remind delegates of active proposals in the DAO. If delegates are not constantly checking various channels, it is easy to miss the proposals. This results in low voter turnout.


To solve this problem, we have added a feature to our Discourse forum plugin to display a banner that shows active proposals and links to Snapshot/Tally to vote on those proposals. Delegates who visit the forum will know there are proposals they can vote on. This will act as a constant reminder to delegates and also help increase the voting participation in DAOs. Credit for this idea goes to nick.eth from ENS.

Below is a screenshot of banner on forum when enabled.

Karma Forum Plugin Banner


We have made a number of enhancements to the plugin including option to show hide Snapshot or On-chain proposals, hide results, updated design and so on. The plugin has been installed on ENS and Gitcoin forums and we are working with other DAOs to help them install the plugin.