dm3 protocol: web3 messaging as a Public Good

A public good protocol for web3 messaging, based in ENS.

The dm3 protocol is a minimum viable messaging protocol, utilising a general registry for public keys (encryption, signature verification) and delivery information based on ENS (e.g., ENS text record eth.dm3.profile) and decentralised delivery service nodes. Intended to work as interoperability layer, dm3 enables various dApps/protocols/services to exchange messages in a standardised way.

The dm3 Protocol was introduced to the ENS Community on August 22 (

Since then, we have consistently posted updates of our protocol to this forum thread at

The project has also been discussed at ENS Townhalls (hosted by alisha.eth), ENS Ecosystem Working Group Calls, and other Twitter spaces hosted by the ENS community, partners, and associate actors of the messaging ecosystem. In addition to the virtual presentations, we have also participated in live events and presentations, such as ETHBrno and DevCon Bogotá.

We unveiled at the end of 2022, our new website, and the Messaging Interoperability Initiative, a push ahead to make the dm3 protocol a Public Good as well as coordinating layer to strengthen the web3 ecosystem through interoperability.

Funding wise, we have applied to the Optimism RetroPGF.

So what is next for dm3?

  • We will continue to build alongside the ENS community, as a priority.
  • We have developed a Optimism Resolver and implementation, that we are going to share soon.
  • We will be present at ETH Denver (Let’s connect!)
  • We will have a talk in ETH Porto
  • We will be applying for other grants and retroactive funding.
  • We want to integrate with more protocols!

Thanks for reading about our proposal, our DMs are open at!