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Cryptoversidad is developing an Introduction to Web3 course with a practical approach that includes a defined learning process, practical lessons, community actions, and quizzes to provide a simplified way to comprehend Web3 concepts, learn to use its tools, and actively participate in the ecosystem. The purpose of the course is to provide students with the essential concepts of the ecosystem and participate in its main areas: DeFi, DAOs, and communities. Upon completion of the course, students will have a solid understanding of fundamental blockchain concepts and their impact on various industries. The course will provide students with a practical approach to interact with the most important decentralized applications and tools, and they will have the opportunity to join the Cryptoversidad community and participate in events and activities to expand their knowledge and experience in the blockchain ecosystem. An exciting feature of the course is an activity where students get to obtain an ENS on testnet, which allows them to use ENS. The course content will be open to the public, and our team will maintain transparency, responsibility, and collaboration with the community.

About Cryptoversidad:

At Cryptoversidad, we pride ourselves on being one of the first Latin American Web3 projects that is 100% focused on creating and distributing high-quality and easy to understand Web3 content. Our dedication and experience have earned us the trust of respected projects such as the Ethereum Foundation and the Aave DAO, who have sought our help to connect with their communities in simple and accessible ways. Our commitment to making Web3 education accessible for everybody is reflected in our use of funding, including the grant we seek from the ENS community, which will be entirely allocated to finance the production of our upcoming course and further educational efforts about blockchain technology. To learn more about us, visit:

Relation to ENS.

We kindly request that the ENS community supports us in the development of this course through an ENS small grant of 1Ξ. By contributing to the development of the Introduction to Web3 course, the ENS community will be supporting the democratization and expansion of Web3 knowledge, which is essential for achieving mass adoption and a more decentralized future. The ENS community's support will enable us to create a valuable and accessible educational resource for the entire Ethereum and Web3 space, aligning with the Public Goods and Ecosystem working group's vision for broader scope projects that benefit the entire community.