Breadchain Cooperative

Building post-capitalism on the blockchain with solidarity primitives.

Breadchain is a collective federation of decentralized cooperative projects looking to advance a progressive vision for blockchain and its effect on society. We aim to do this by building and utilizing what we call “solidarity primitives.”

We define solidarity primitives as development tools which can help to forge solidaristic relationships between individual human beings and collectives. The creation of these tools is a necessary step to take in order for us to be allowed to even partially live lives that don’t solely revolve around the endless chase of profit maximization. Breadchain wants to help usher in a future in which individuals who feel alienated from their day jobs can have the opportunity to feel actual purpose, pride, and self worth from being able to easily engage with and contribute to impact projects that benefit humanity. Web3 tooling offers the opportunity to greatly expand on the notion of collective governance - this is the space Breadchain wants to build within and expand upon.

The first solidarity primitive we've built is called the Breadchain Crowdstaking Application ( - a smart contract on the Polygon network. In practice, the application accepts and forwards a users DAI into an AAVE lending pool. 100% of the interest earned on this DAI is then automatically sent back to Breadchain in order to help fund itself and the projects that exist within the Breadchain Network. As such, the application functions as an engine for fundraising.

We are looking for further funding in order to allow us to explore more applications of solidarity in web3 and to be able to report our findings to the greater web3 ecosystem. We want to know: how can we scale solidarity using the affordances of crypto? In a hyper-financialized space, is this a concept that will resonate with organizations? In addition, what doors can the solidarity economy open as a viable alternative to profit-oriented or charitable funding mechanisms and partnerships?

While DeFi has been largely focused on building financial primitives that build out largely market-based financial structures, we are focused on building solidarity primitives for creating the foundational pieces in order to grow the Solidarity Economy and Ethereum Civil Society. Combined with democratic governance, this can be important for all of the non-financial use cases for blockchains that non profit-oriented groups and individuals are attracted to. We look towards ENS as the prime example of how these tools can be useful for non-financial uses and we hope to continue that trend.

Breadchain is a public goods project and not for-profit. As such, we do not promise financial profits to users and we have no need to keep business secrets. We believe that mechanisms for solidarity must be, by default, a public good. We hope that ENS agrees that this is a gap that currently exists in crypto and will want to partner with us in order to fill it.

Project Goals

The ultimate goal of Breadchain is to radically change how people understand and think about crypto and web3. Through education, we can demonstrate how to utilize these tools and the affordances they offer for collective good. To achieve this we follow four major principles that guide our work: Economic Democracy, Dual Power, Mutual Aid, and Transparent Governance. With these pillars in mind, a successful Breadchain ecosystem would:

Exist as a vibrant ecology of projects, applications, and people who collectively govern resources in order to create real world impact Create mechanisms/tooling to support and push for collective governance in web3 that don’t rely on traditional token governance Collectively own a large amount of our wrapped stablecoin, $BREAD, and use it to help fund projects that would normally not receive investment in the web2 world by becoming a significant portion of the total market share of the $DAI lending pool on Aave Prove that the economic design space that crypto allows for can help build new sustainable ways of funding and co-governing resources that were not possible before

Projects Within The Breadchain Cooperative Federation

PactDAO -
Assists local mutual aid efforts in New York City taking advantage of web3 tools

Crypto Commons Association -
Hosts crypto events in Europe related to ReFi; and expands the understanding of physical and digital commons and how web3 tooling can assist in the governance of them

LaborDAO -
Researches labor practices in web3 in order to improve the understanding of what it means to be a DAO contributor