A Web3-focused impact studio

Empowering creatives from the Global South.

Over the past year, I have been building a Web3-focused impact studio, ALEM, with a mission of supporting, onboarding, and encouraging creativity in the Global South using art and technology. The funding will allow me to complete a couple of aspects that have already been started and fully conceptualised:

  1. Complete the rebranding from pal.eco to alem.studio

  2. Finish the development of the pfp NFT project (Alemi): Hand-drawn Afrofuturistic NFTs inspired by the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Africa. Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, philosophy of science and technology, and a speculative genre of fiction that explores the developing intersection of African/African Diaspora culture with technology.

Kenyan-based artists have taken the best of the continent's art, history, and culture and given it a modern, virtual personality to create a truly unique NFT project.

  1. Design and build a small metaverse: Create a virtual reality art gallery (on a pre-existing platform) that gives creatives in underprivileged communities access to the world through art and technology. The funds will be used to help build a metaverse which will be used as an art studio, aiming to put the Global South and its creative talent on the global stage.

The ultimate goal of this metaverse is to launch a charitable project which will bring art, in all forms, to life. The primary beneficiaries of this metaverse will be children and young creatives in the Global South, but initially, it will focus on supporting the largest informal settlements in Africa; Mathare & Kibera, Kenya. I have a network that I connect with frequently who is willing to experiment with art, technology and charity. Before rolling out the charitable element, the metaverse gallery will be used by the artists who are working on the NFT project to collate UX/UI feedback and learnings.

The gallery can have a dedicated space for ENS, this could be an ENS username, a piece of art you create, or we can create for you, using our unique styles. This would be done as a mark of appreciation for the support shown towards the development of the project.

The vision for ALEM is to be present in multiple developing countries and encourage creatives from all backgrounds, to tell their story through art, and use technology as a vehicle to reach international audiences.

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