Osmotic Fund

An evolutionary step towards project sustainability

Osmotic Fund is a protocol built on Superfluid Finance that enables the creation and regulation of project funding streams based on community interest. The project has received 20,000 OP tokens from Superfluid Builder Grants from Optimism and is currently in development. The first implementation of Osmotic Fund was deployed on Gnosis Chain for 1Hive DAO and had been streaming around 1,600 HNYx ($21,000) to 1hive.org working groups based on HNY token holder preferences since October 2021.

In this new stage, we aim to make the creation of new Osmotic Pools easy for any community with a token. We also plan to lower the entry barrier for projects receiving funding by retrieving information from existing Gitcoin Grants. The Osmotic Fund website will display all active Osmotic Pools, and the flows will be adjusted based on token holder preferences and remaining funds in the Pool.