D-Combinator (DAO Combinator)

Provide incentives and know-how for DAO creation via token-based automated DAO-A-THON

🔥Purpose of the way of using grants ENS's microgrants will be used for the first DAOATHON's winner prize, organize the cost of an event, and the gas fee when the participants launch their DAO into Blockchain.

🔥About D-Combinator

D-Combinator is a tool DAO that automatically organizes DAOATHON (hereafter referred to as "event"), a hybrid of ideathon + hackathon that generates DAOs by providing rights and incentives using NFT or tokens.


In many cases, current DAOs are simply communities related to the DAO name.

To solve this problem, we are designing DCom to spread the know-how of blockchain intervention, the concept of DAO itself, and the design of incentives.

🔥How it works

You purchase NFTs when you participate in each event.

When the staked amount exceeds a certain amount, the event is automatically held.

The participant submits DAOs before the deadline and votes together with users in D-Com and other participants in the event at the Judgment Session.

Participants can democratically select the team with the best output at the event by providing initial funding and purchasing tokens, and pooled funds can be presented to the winner as a cash prize.

The value of the token increases as the DAOs of the participant scale and as the number and size of the events increase.

By increasing the number of events held and the number of launches on the test net, we will accumulate knowledge about launching DAOs and provide an environment that facilitates the creation of DAO infrastructure.

🔥User flow https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1072368874181369886/1077744854337065071/FireShot_Capture_011_-_-_localhost.png

  • Buy NFT

    Learn about DAO-A-THON through PRtimes and other publicity

    From there, jump to DAO-A-THON's LP https://dao-a-thon.studio.site/EN

    From the LP, jump to the mint site to see the price and how much it costs

    See the NFT design

    See what you can do with this NFT

    Connect to the wallet

    Press the mint button to buy

    Check OpenSea to see if your purchase was successful

  • Entry the next Event(if possible)

  • Vote

    Go to the voting site from the URL shared by the operator

    Vote while reading the voting manual provided by the management

  • Confirm the voting result

    Go to the voting results site announced by the management

    View the voting results

🔥DAOATHON as an MVP verification of D-Com An event will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from Apr 1st to Apr 9th both onsite and online. It'll be the first time to hold in Japan, and it'll be going both English and Japanese.

For the first 3days, participants will fill in the blank in DAO Canvas to ideate their plans for DAO. And the last 3 days, they also designate DAO reputation, governance, tokenomics via various kinds of DAO tools. On Apr 9th the Demoday judges DAOs they built in the session and give the prize.