To build Web3 DIDs Chinese community

Introduce ENS to people outside of Blockchain industry

Why WEB3 DIDs matter?

Web2 domains are mainly focused on businesses, organizations, corporations, etc. We, the people use the platforms from giants like Twitter, Google, or WeChat. But we are divided into a Twitter account, a Google account, a Facebook account, a Weibo account, Tiktok, Instagram, and a WeChat account, all with different IDs or handles.

Regular people wouldn't register a domain like or to integrate all his/her created content from the above-mentioned SNS/IM platforms, especially users easily or randomly banned by the platform for some unknown reasons.

Users lose their contents, data, and the social ID he/she once had.

It is very difficult to have a unique and recognizable ID for he/she all around the internet - until Web3 DID like ENS steps out.

With a unique DID, users own and control their own ID and contents on the blockchain and store their data permanently if they want.

That's why web3 ID is so important for users.

What idmart trying to do? starts at a very lower profile, we want to build a website to demo and introduce web3 DID domains to Chinese speaking community, guide users to have their own DIDs on the blockchain, and then build their own bio page on the internet by using the DIDs. Personal DID and decentralized storage enable users to have full control of their social assets in the Web3 world.

What idmart will do in near future?

1, to have a completed website - -- is just finished the first step only, we are adding more Web3 DID information, data, user guides on to the website.

2, to build communities with WEB3 DID users.

3, to teach users how to build their own websites backed by IPFS or ARweave, etc.

4, to integrate resources and unite the users to promote ENS in Chinese speaking community.


We have no roadmap and investment from VCs yet, the dream of idmart is to provide a social platform for users to learn, share, trade, and use their DIDs in the WEB3 world.

Looking forward to having your support! Hope we can do better with your back up.

Thank you!