The PanamaDAO: a network state in the tropics

Creating a network state to fund public goods

We are in the test (Goerli) phase of building the Panama DAO.

Panama was on the verge of passing a very encompassing crypto Bill that was to put Panama on the Crypto map and put us on path to become a regional crypto hub, as well as regulatory clarity to regular citizens and crypto builders. Unfortunately, after the law was approved in Congress, the President vetoed it.

Many of the Panama DAO's founders are authors of the Bill in mention.

Panama is now in crypto regulatory limbo again.

In comes the Panama DAO, aiming to build Panama into a crypto republic from the ground up, instead of from the top down. We are big fans of Nouns and the decentralized nature of how it's built, and we think it's a great model to build a DAO for our country. We will be deploying a Nouns Builder instance to manage treasury, proposals and voting for the Panama DAO. The NFTs are composed of traits inspired by Panamanian history and culture.

Our vision is to bootstrap in time enough funds into the treasury via the Nouns DAO flywheel effect in order to buy land, fund local development projects, and build out the beginnings of a network state within the country.

Short-term we will fund public goods to start solving problems that the country has long-suffered but the government hasn't attended to.

We hope that the Panama DAO serves as an example of how to build a Network State via Nouns culture and Nouns Builder tools.