Free DeFi Courses and Sessions

Free DeFi Courses & Online Sessions for university students and builders

What Courses

We plan to cover both breadth and dept of DeFi. The first three courses that we will start teaching for free from next month are

  1. Intro to DeFi + Raising Funds in DeFi
  2. Intro to DeFi + ReFi

Over all we have around 8 DeFi courses being worked up and are in progress. A lot of progress has been made in the last month

Why free DeFi courses?

Main reason for developing these courses are

  1. Personal interest in DeFi
  2. DeFi will be the global financial system
  3. Has a lot of innovation that needs to be shared

What will funds be used for

We want DoDAO Academy to be a pure DAO. i.e. community teaches community.

These funds will be used to kickstart the DAO.

How much funds do we already have?

We got 1 ETH in Public Goods Round 5. Thank you for that!

Grants are very well needed to make progress.

Progress since last round

Four courses are almost complete

Final words

Thanks for taking a look and for your support!