Anti-Pro v2

Snapshot Ranked Choice Voting Visualiser


Anti-Pro is a Snapshot Ranked Choice Voting Visualiser


Anti-Pro is a Snapshot Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) Sankey Diagram Visualiser hooked to Snapshot GraphQL API. Currently, users can visualise any Ranked Choice Voting proposal on Snapshot with this tool. The app is currently hosted at

Ranked Choice Voting is notoriously tricky to grasp for layman and Sankey Diagrams are one of the best ways to understand the iterative nature of the RCV algorithms. With Anti-Pro, users will be able visualise the algorithm with an animated Sankey flow chart. For instance, ENS DAO Q3/Q4 2022 elections for Public Goods Stewards is presented below as an example:

Future Work

After some feedback from Snapshot Labs, Anti-Pro intends to enable populating the query through URL e.g. which will allow it to be seamlessly integrated into third-party clients.

Source Code

Source is available on GitHub. Please consider supporting Anti-Pro!