ENSBook is a lightweight ENS observation tool.

ENSBook is a lightweight ENS observation tool.

You could visit it at: ensbook.xyz or ensbook.eth.limo

You could enter and view information of multiple ENS names at one time, includes current usage information and some external information links, etc.

About the convenience of ENSBook, we added some creative ideas of our own, here are two of them:

  • Enter an ENS name prefixed with @ in the input box such as @liubenben.eth and press Enter to see what happens.
  • Replace @ with # such as #liubenben.eth and try again.

In effect, the former one allows you to quickly locate all the names held by a ENS name owner, and the later one allows you find all the names held by the address a ENS name points to.

In addition, there are some other convenient little features, welcome to try.

ENSBook is able to display information related to each ENS name, such as for the name having a premium price, it can display their real-time premium price in ETH or USD, you can see that in the image below.

ENSBook Screeshot

You can find more information about it on its github repository: https://github.com/hibbb/ensbook