ENS DAO Newsletter

A bi-weekly summary of the developments and happenings within ENS, ENS DAO, and its working groups.


The ENS DAO Newsletter started in March 2022 with the objective of providing transparency for ENS and ENS DAO through publication of a bi-weekly newsletter -- An easy-to-read summary of the latest news, developments, and discussions designed to reach the widest audience possible.

Since then, we have published 31 editions, and we continue to release new editions on the 1st and 15th of every month.

New editions are published through the following outlets:

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The ENS DAO Newsletter editors stay up-to-date with what is happening in ENS and ENS DAO every single day, so you don't have to. We crawl the forum, bookmark the important tweets, attend the working group calls and Twitter spaces, and ask the important questions to provide our readers with the absolute best source of ENS news and information, as it happens.

We provide a carefully curated summary of the latest governance proposals, working group discussions, protocol development, calls to action, market news, and all other developments within the wider ENS ecosystem.

If you want to always know what is happening in ENS DAO, but don't have the time to stay actively involved -- don't worry! That's what we are here for. Simply read our newsletter and you'll never miss a thing. It also serves as an archive of every important development that has happened as ENS and ENS DAO grows and evolves.

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Since genesis in March 2022, we have achieved the following:

  • 31 publications, syndicated on both the ENS DAO Governance Forum and Substack.
  • Fast approaching 300 subscribers on Substack.
  • Closing in on 700 followers on our Twitter, and growing.
  • Several featured guest authors for Newsletter Extras, with more to come!
  • A newly created Global section, which features multilingual content from the community.



The ENS DAO Newsletter is currently being translated into

With more to come as we continue streamlining the process!


Thank you for reading and for your consideration!