Arabic Web3 Education

Creating content that provides valuable information on Web3 to Arabic Speakers

This is the first step in making technology accessible: User Education and Awareness.

Check out my most recent videos on ‘How to Contribute to a decentralized mapping network’ (in Arabic).

I currently have over a 13 hours of video covering these topics:

Blockchain Technology Decentralization Ethereum Blockchain Web3.0 Types of wallets MetaMask Biggest Web3.0 marketplaces OpenSea Listing/Delisting NFTs on multiple Martketplaces ENS project fundamentals ENS adoption ENS subdomains ENS Manager What to look out for when minting non-English characters.

Why create Arabic content? There are over 400 million Arabic speakers in 13 different countries around the world. Of these speakers, 20-25% are living near the poverty line. Not only onboarding these future Web3 users is important for global adoption, but increasing education in this community would have a tremendous impact and change lives. We can begin to change the narrative by giving these low income communities a fair shot in this emerging tech revolution.

Arabic Channel: