GmNoob: A Web3 Guide for Crypto Curious Beginners

A Soft Landing for Web3 and Crypto Curious Beginners


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Many of the web3 podcasts that currently exist start out with individuals who know very little about the web3 space. Their personal journeys in learning about web3 start to make them experts (Bankless, Web3 Academy, Overpriced JPEGs, etc…)

Eventually, interviewers and guests become more and more technical which makes it difficult for beginners to find an easy point of entry into learning about Web3 and Crypto.

GmNoob is a podcast, newsletter and course (coming soon) for noobs which focuses on a beginners perspective. By always having a beginners perspective on the podcast and newsletter, the conversation always stays high level and “experts” need to reframe how they describe their web3 projects/topics with noobs in mind. Topics are also geared toward beginners (i.e. use cases)

The goal is to attract individuals who know little/nothing about Web3 and to always use language and have topics that are accessible to them. Once the audience becomes more steeped in Web3 culture they can be introduced to other learning products that go deeper.

GmNoob is the top of the funnel for Web3 and Crypto!

This project will benefit the global Web3 and Crypto space by creating an approachable entry point for individuals who are curious about Web3 and Crypto but don't know where to start learning.