Create NFTs collections, with full native ENS suppport and optional reverse ENS to the collection.


NFTs2Me is a multichain user-friendly comprehensive platform to create, deploy and manage your NFT collection (or Digital Collectibles) and community, 100% free with advanced functionalities. It embraces the three big pillars of the NFT life cycle: creation, deployment, and administration of the contract and the community.

The creation pillar allows users to create their own NFTs artwork using a simple and user-friendly interface. Users can upload their own artwork or other digital assets or use our builtin generative art tool, and we'll guide them through the process of creating the metadata, defining its rarity, and uploading the collection to IPFS (a decentralized immutable file system) for free.

The deployment pillar allows users to create and deploy the NFT contract on the blockchain, making them immutable, verified and accessible to the public. Our optimized system offers ultra low contract deployment fees while keeping advanced functionalities, like different native ENS support, minting types, minting the NFTs on any ERC-20 or native coin, Soulbound tokens, on chain affiliation, credit card payments... Furthermore, we offer the possibility to use our upgradeable contracts to benefit from new upcoming features. When deploying a collection you'll receive an NFT that represents its ownership.

The administration pillar focuses on the management of collection including the community aspect of the life cycle. Create custom subdomains or minting widgets for your own website, allowlists, whitelists, airdrops, set the drop and end date, create token gated content only accessible for your owners.

NFTs2Me and ENS

Levereging on ENS we offer not only the possibility to enter ENS names as addresses all application-wide, but also the possiblity to set the reverse ENS name on a created collection contract address, like this: Direct silver.nfts2me.eth: Reverse 0x94a5857c53206d4cf57a96d02215b7ba4d0b2d46: Bear in mint that this is a contract, not an EOI account.

Furthermore, we're working to integrate automatic free subdomain support for every collection created as well as for the creator.