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Web3 Content, Visibility & Awareness (via Google Search)

1. Problem: Web3 Content "Findability" for Web2 Google/SEO Searchers, etc, + Increasing Visibility for Web3-Writers.

There is a problem with the "findability" of Web3 content in Web2; & the highlighting of authentic/Web3-native authors.

2. Solution: The "Web3Domains.com" Project

Web3Domains.com is a project seeking grants to pay content writers and other human resources to create content and publish information for "Web3 users, Google SEO, and social media platforms". The goal of the project are to drive awareness and action.


5. The Project Team: Founding Members

The project is led by Gary Palmer Jr. (GaryPalmerJr.eth), and Adriana Skura-Palmer (AKA: Ada.eth/ UnfoldedLife.eth).


Ref.: https://gitcoin.co/grants/7135/an-ens-web3-project-web3domainscom

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