Open source automation tool for Web3 and Web2 API

Outerbridge - Automate Web3 and Web2 applications

Outerbridge is an open source low code automation tool to connect Web3 and Web2 API. Similar to Zapier, with drag and drop interface, users can easily build complex workflows by connecting the application nodes. For instance, upon receiving on-chain payment like SOL, add customer to Mailchimp, and add record to GoogleSheet.


ā“Why build Outerbridge

At work, our team were developing applications for clients on different blockchains. Most of the dapps and protocols only work on certain blockchains and are isolated. We find ourselves writing lots of custom scripts to interact between on-chain data and internal tools. None of the existing automation tools has blockchains integrations and Web3 infrastructures.

šŸ’”Aha moment

That's when we realized there is a need for a simpler tool. Hence we built Outerbridge with a simple goal: Simplify Web3 Automation

  • Low/No code interface

  • API integrations to increase interoperability across Web3 and Web2 apps

šŸ™Œ Open & Extensible

Outerbridge can be self-hosted and is easily extensible. Project is written in TypeScript and React for frontend. Developers with web experience can easily create custom apps integration in minutes. Currently we have over 60+ integrations across majority chains. We have a vibrant open source community that are constantly adding new integrations and improving the product.

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