EVMcrispr - Interact with ENS using commands

Web-based UNIX-like commands for interacting with smart contracts, including ENS

EVMcrispr is a tool that simplifies interacting with smart contracts on EVM-compatible chains. It allows users to send transactions using intuitive, UNIX-like commands, making it easier to write complete scripts that perform multiple arbitrary actions from the injected wallet in the web browser.

You do not require a customized frontend to interact with Ethereum anymore, you can just write a script and share it with others so they can execute it.

Here are examples of scripts that perform day-to-day ENS actions. If we receive this funding we will be able to add better support to ENS in both the language and the user interface.

How to set an avatar image for your ENS

Open in a terminal

How to set a lockup address

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How to extend an ENS domain for 1 year

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