SwapUp Chat Functionality

Implement ENS based chat functionality so site users can communicate efficiently

The Business: Swapup is a dapp that enables peer to peer digital asset trading for NFTs and Cryptocurrency. In the full build of the site users will be able to trade, rent, and host giveaways for NFTs and crypto using a secure escrow smart contract to handle transfer of assets. Swapup allows for the interactions of these transactions to happen in a trustless and user-friendly way, facilitating safe trades between users. MVP is currently in development, release soon, and allows users the ability to trade ERC721 and ERC1155 securely, in any quantity. Swapup in going to be a tool that enables users to transact peer to peer in a trustless and verified manner for all types of Web3 goods and services. The Future: Functionality and future builds for Swapup has been organized and plotted into sprints. The future iterations include functionality that expands on the idea that web3 interactions should be trustless and easy to use. Our future builds include the ability to rent NFTs, have direct conversations with users, and host giveaways for user followers, along with other intricate use cases. In order to get there, we need to develop some baseline functionality, one being the ability for the users to communicate with each other via the SwapUp platform, to create a location users can have a secure conversation in. The Proposal: We would like the 1ETH grant to go toward creating that communication layer for users. The core functionality for this will use ENS domains and wallet addresses in order to facilitate the communication process. We do not want to build out this functionality ourselves. We will be implementing a solution already developed within our site. Using the grant money, we would pursue conversations with direct messaging-based chat solutions developed by the ENS community and implement a communication solution that helps compliment an ENS focused solution. The Extra: Complimentary to implementing this functionality, we own the core ENS name swapup.eth, and plan on utilizing this to allow users to create subdomains in order to manage their accounts and easily communicate with other users. This will provide revenue for both ENS and Swapup. Links: The website is live, but some code needs to be migrated in order to make it functional so feel free to use our dev site if you would like to try the tool. If you don’t have experience with the Goerli network, feel free to join our discord, get the Tester role, and review our testing instructions to be walked through how to test the dapp.

Production Site: https://swapup.trade Test Site: https://swapup-dev.azurewebsites.net/ ENS: Swapup.eth