Web3 Knowledge Commons

Curating Knowledge for the Web3 Ecosystem

Web3 Knowledge Commons

Who Are We?

The Common Sense[makers] are a community of thinkers, learners, and makers collaboratively advancing the science, technology, culture, and practice of collective sense-making.

We are researching and developing distributed protocols, practices, and tools for collective sense-making. You can see a list of our current products in development here.

Our Proposal

We are partnering up with the Token Engineering Commons to develop and deploy the first proof-of-concept for our Web3 Curation Service (StigFlow). This pilot will provide tools for token engineering communities to aggregate case-studies, models, frameworks, and academic research into a single database that will establish the foundations for the Token Engineering Knowledge Commons (TEKC).

We believe that the development of the Token Engineering Knowledge Commons will become a catalyst for growth and development for the next generation of token engineers, providing a single point of contact for token engineering education and development.

The use of funds from this grant will go to developing the automation tools within StigFlow that bridge the inputs of the Curation Service across applications and enable communities to configure their inputs through different triggers and reactions.

How It Works

The Token Engineering Commons community has deployed the first instance of this product within their own Discord!

As you can see, inputs around certain topics can be submitted within their Share-It Channel, and each submission can be categorized and interacted with by fellow community members. Each community can set their own guidelines for curation that allow for the aggregation of links, informational resources, and conversations to be added to the database.

The use of the Curation Service in the TEC is but one use-case that we are currently exploring. We believe that the full development of this product will assist decentralized communities to develop knowledge curation, create new decision-making processes, and bring more attention to the things that matter most to their members.