Social Payments for Ethereum


Meet Cashnote - The new social payments crypto app that's aiming to become the Venmo of Web3. With Cashnote, you can send and receive payments easily and securely using cryptocurrencies and digital assets. But what sets us apart is our unique feature of attaching notes and comments to transactions. You can now add a personal touch to your payments by leaving messages for your frens, and all of these notes and comments are recorded on the blockchain for transparency and traceability.

Cashnote also includes Ens names and avatars, so you can easily recognize which wallet you are messaging. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it super easy to manage your account and view notes sent to you and your frens.

Sending Notes on Cashnote is really fun and easy and we're confident it improves on the previous experience of sending notes on the blockchain (referenced in this answer We have no backend, no smart contracts, and no fees.

Cashnote is open source and hosted here:

Current plans for the future:

  • layer 2 support
  • More wallet information on profiles (ENS text records balances)