The open source video CMS for web3 event organizers

StreamETH is an open-source live-streaming and playback solution utilizes decentralized technologies and infrastructure that allows event hosts to easily spin up a platform for their virtual attendees.

The goal for the streamETH project is to provide an alternative distribution and archival platform that communities can use to distribute their content without the fear of being censored. We use livepeer for live video distribution and IPFS for archival and video storage.

Events that are using streamETH:

  • Devcon 2022: (retired)
  • Devconnect 2022: (retired)
  • EthBerlin 2022:
  • EthPorto 2023:

And will be hosting the following events in 2023:

  • EthPrague
  • EthDam
  • EthBerlin
  • Spagetteth
  • EthBarcelona
  • EthMadrid