Easy & simple payments for Web3 businesses. Processed $600k+ worth of payments in 2 months

About Fractal Payments

Fractal Payments is a dApp that streamlines billing, invoicing and payment processing for Web3 businesses, DAOs, and freelancers. Our platform allows Web3 organisations to get paid faster, avoid payment errors and simplify their accounting. In 12 weeks since launch, our users have already processed $600,000+ worth of payments through the platform.

Product Demo

Here is the product demo that focuses on ENS functionality: Product Demo

How ENS is used and loved by our customers

The ENS is used (and loved!) by our users to ensure that they are making payments to the correct entity. A user can input a payee's ENS and automagically match it to their wallet address. And vice versa, wallet addresses can be automagically matched to ENS. Our users love this validation especially when they send $10,000+ in one payment!

Use Of Funds

The grant will go towards product development and enhancements of ENS-centered functionality.

Example Screenshot

Every time a wallet address is added, we automatically match it to an ENS primary name. This makes our users confident that they are sending their money to the right person.

ENS Example

Future Of The Project

Our mission is to build a leading dApp for cross-chain B2B payments. Our goal is to allow every Web3 organisation to interact seamlessly no matter what chain or token they use. We are constantly leveraging ENS to bring the future of safe & easy B2B payments closer.